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Archive for January 2016

Inno-Versity Great Mind Series Podcast

In our travels, Inno-Versity has met some fascinating people and heard some really great stories. We have been able to interact with some of the leading thinkers on business, culture and life, and it is our privilege to share their thoughts and stories with you. The idea of the Inno-Versity Great Mind Series podcast is…

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How To Nail Enterprise Resource Planning Training Programs That Appeal To Millennials And Boomers

Being a Millennial…it makes my heart warm to see articles written about generations other than mine. Millennials may be considered the techies but online education is not limited to just the Millennial or GenX generations. Baby Boomers are finding themselves not only embracing but thriving within the online learning platform. So, check out this article…

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Larketing (Whiteboard Animation) and Related Approaches Can Be Valuable Tools for Corporations

Training workers and educating customers can be challenging, but they are basic requirements of modern business. Companies that succeed in these endeavors inevitably reap impressive rewards, becoming more capable even while they derive new revenue streams and growth. Thinking in deep, fundamental ways about how best to attack these problems is therefore one of the…

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