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Archive for May 2016

Thinking Differently About A Culture of Learning

In our last blog post we shared some creative ways to think about strategic planning and promised more. Let’s talk about a Culture of Learning. It’s a buzzword right now but an important concept to consider. You can read a lot of helpful articles about how to build a culture of learning in an organization;…

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Strategic Planning In The Virtual Community

With team members located all over the world, virtual organizations are challenged by the logistics of effective strategic planning. However, planning with a remote company can actually be a benefit. When you aren’t mired down in the daily office grind, you and your team have the ability to bring a fresh, clear perspective to your strategic…

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Pushing Past The Fear Of Strategic Planning

Strategy planning is important, but daunting. Many find it scary, because it forces them to confront a future they can only guess at. Worse, actually choosing a strategy entails making decisions that explicitly cut off possibilities and options. Push past the fear of strategic planning, read more…

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eLearning: 5 Essentials of Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is a culture not an exercise. It can provide a framework for aligning priorities, making decisions, allocating resources, and measuring impact. Read more about the 5 essentials of strategic planning from Paul B. Redman here:  

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Thinking Creatively About Strategic Planning Part 1

  Suppose your child came to you complaining that they couldn’t see and their eye hurt. You realize they have a stick in their eye so you rush to the phone…to set up an eye appointment for glasses. Then you call school and ask that your child be moved closer to the front so they…

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