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7 Ways to Make the Most of Your SME Time

As a learning company, here’s a question we’re asked often at Inno-Versity:How do you have all the knowledge required to develop materials for the huge variety of clients with whom you work? The simple answer is, we don’t.

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Do You Need an LMS?

In the last few installments of this blog, we’ve touched on topics that are key to the instructional design process but not discussed as often. A parallel conversation to course development is how to deliver the content.

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Do You Have a Learning Strategy?

We’re excited to host this guest blog post by Dr. Bill Ryan. Dr. Ryan is an experienced instructional designer, having spent nearly 30 years mastering learning and development. Dr. Ryan has worked heavily in the insurance industry and has some great thoughts about learning strategy.

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Serving Up Something Special in 2017

Serving Up Something Special in 2017 If you’re one of our returning subscribers, we want to take a minute to say thank you! And if you’re new to our blog―welcome! We’re so pleased that you’ve joined us. To help us get better acquainted, allow us to formally introduce ourselves: We’re Inno-Versity. The Learning Experts. That’s…

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With Good Stragic Planning, You’re in Cruise Control

As you know, our 5 Essential Elements of Excellence are key to learning success. We apply these elements to your learning program to ensure it produces the results as planned. Planned results? Absolutely. And so, it makes sense that we ranked Strategic Planning as the number one Essential Element. Over the next couple months, we’ll…

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Larketing (Whiteboard Animation) and Related Approaches Can Be Valuable Tools for Corporations

Training workers and educating customers can be challenging, but they are basic requirements of modern business. Companies that succeed in these endeavors inevitably reap impressive rewards, becoming more capable even while they derive new revenue streams and growth. Thinking in deep, fundamental ways about how best to attack these problems is therefore one of the…

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