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Using Larketing (Whiteboard Animation) to Tell a Story

Learning becomes easier when material is framed in the context of a story. The learner can easily grasp the information presented, as they have a frame of reference on which to build. To produce a story that draws the learners in, however, individuals who are great at communicating the story are needed. Whether an organization…

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Larketing (Whiteboard Animation) as Part of a Training Program

Getting the proper message across is key for any business, yet something numerous companies struggle to effectively do. For this reason, many organizations now turn to a company specializing in whiteboard animation to assist them with this task. With the help of corporate video production, companies find they can convey a message, regardless of how…

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High-Quality Larketing (Whiteboard Animation) Training Assets Can Contribute Directly to the Bottom Line

Finding qualified new employees is invariably difficult, expensive, and time-consuming. This is one of the major reasons why successful companies seek to keep their best performers happy because replacing them is never easy. Even once a suitable replacement has been found, though, just about every company faces new challenges with regard to bringing the acquisition up…

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“GREATNESS” BY DAVID MARQUET INNO-MATION LOGS OVER 340,000 VIEWS ON YOUTUBE! This Inno-Versity Inno-Mation was adapted from Captain David Marquet’s talk on Greatness, and is based on his book, Turn the Ship Around! Find out more about Inno-Versity at Get Captain Marquet’s book at David Marquet, is a former submarine captain and author of the…

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