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Thinking Creatively About Project Management

  When we talk to potential clients, frequently we hear complaints about project management. Unclear goals, missed timelines, poor communication, and overrun budgets make up the bulk of the complaints lodged. With so much emphasis placed on creativity here at Inno-Versity, you might think that something as left-brained as project management would not be top…

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7 Ways to Create Training that Values the Learner

  It’s not a secret, here at Inno-Versity we are always advocating for the learner. That’s precisely why Communication is one of our 5 Essential Elements of Excellence. But how we define Communication might surprise you so we’ll unpack it a bit in this newsletter. We’ll also share some easy ways to help you improve…

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Listen Up! Five Unconventional Ways To Figure Out What Learners Need.

Listen Up!  Five Unconventional Ways To Figure Out What Learners Need.   Inno-Versity’s last newsletter introduced our 5 Essential Elements of Excellence. In the following weeks, we will be dedicating a newsletter segment to discuss each of these elements. Let’s start with the obvious and first explore the element of Learning. Hang with us here,…

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Destination Innovation

Once a month our team meets to discuss new ideas, trends, and technology.  It’s a time for team members to show off what they’re working on, get inspired and stay on top of instructional and design trends. There is usually a lot of laughter and coffee involved. At our last meeting we discussed how we…

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Will it blend?

As you saw in our previous post, instructional design can take many forms.  Even the field of instructional design contains many types of specialties. In future blog posts we’ll be discussing the various approaches we take depending on the context and content. However, over the past year, we had the privilege of developing an online…

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