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Inno-Versity In Action: David Marquet

Our Client’s Dilemma Captain David Marquet served in the U.S. Navy as a submarine captain. He had already achieved great success overseeing the nuclear submarine USS Santa Fe, using a unique leadership approach in which he allowed his crew to take on their own leadership roles. He took these principles and wrote a best-selling book,…

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Larketing (Whiteboard Animation) and Related Approaches Can Be Valuable Tools for Corporations

Training workers and educating customers can be challenging, but they are basic requirements of modern business. Companies that succeed in these endeavors inevitably reap impressive rewards, becoming more capable even while they derive new revenue streams and growth. Thinking in deep, fundamental ways about how best to attack these problems is therefore one of the…

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Using Larketing (Whiteboard Animation) to Tell a Story

Learning becomes easier when material is framed in the context of a story. The learner can easily grasp the information presented, as they have a frame of reference on which to build. To produce a story that draws the learners in, however, individuals who are great at communicating the story are needed. Whether an organization…

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Larketing (Whiteboard Animation) as Part of a Training Program

Getting the proper message across is key for any business, yet something numerous companies struggle to effectively do. For this reason, many organizations now turn to a company specializing in whiteboard animation to assist them with this task. With the help of corporate video production, companies find they can convey a message, regardless of how…

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