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Mobile Learning

Thinking Creatively About Strategic Planning Part 1

  Suppose your child came to you complaining that they couldn’t see and their eye hurt. You realize they have a stick in their eye so you rush to the phone…to set up an eye appointment for glasses. Then you call school and ask that your child be moved closer to the front so they…

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If You Give A Team A Project…

Dependencies. In project management this refers to each stage that must be completed before a project can move forward. These stages are important pieces to the puzzle. But they are also steps that help to complete a bigger picture. Here’s how to take the pieces and organize them into a “smart” order to effectively reach…

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Tools, Tools, Tools!

Are you on the lookout for the latest tools to help you to become a better project manager? Here’s a great go-to list of handy tools, recently published on, that can make life a whole lot easier.

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Thinking Creatively About Project Management

  When we talk to potential clients, frequently we hear complaints about project management. Unclear goals, missed timelines, poor communication, and overrun budgets make up the bulk of the complaints lodged. With so much emphasis placed on creativity here at Inno-Versity, you might think that something as left-brained as project management would not be top…

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Let’s talk about the latest style…style guides, that is.

Let’s talk about style….style guides. Style guides are a needed first step when designing materials for your clients. You want to get the look and feel for what your client wants and be able to carry that throughout all the materials. Having a set style guide will save you work and headaches in the long…

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Instructional Design Cheatsheets?

Instructional Design Cheatsheets? Yes, we use them at Inno-versity! ID Cheatsheets are designed to help with our e-learning development. You will want to fine tune your cheatsheets to meet the needs of your employees and your clients but here are some useful and helpful examples to get you started!

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