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Our team of expert instructional designers has worked with some of the world's largest and most prestigious educational institutions. Whether you are looking for high-level strategic consultation or just looking to add some bandwidth for the rapid development of distance learning courses, we are here to help.


eBook: The Future of Learning Delivery Strategies

College and university learning delivery systems are changing. They are changing in an environment of greater uncertainty, where a strategy can be sound one day and deeply flawed the next. Boards and administrators have much to consider but first and foremost is how to deliver a quality education in the shifting sands of a new on-campus/off-campus reality. This article provides an overview of the options available to colleges and universities.


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While most institutions have curriculum development teams, many are currently overloaded with the demand for online learning development. Our in-house team of 35 instructional designers and creatives has the capacity to develop online courses quickly. Many of our team members have been in higher education for many years and understand the need for thoughtfulness, academic rigor, and creativity that respects and honors our clients.


We understand that universities have clear and well-planned programs. But with the move to distance learning, we help prioritize what content could move most quickly. We'll help evaluate what is easiest to put online, what is most critical, and what source content is currently available. Our team will develop a plan to create courses that will meet the needs of both the traditional classroom and online - one that is both hybrid and flexible.


Prior to March, 2020, 65% of higher education faculty had no experience with online teaching. With Covid numbers rising, enhancing your faculty’s online skills will be vital. We understand ensuring academic rigor and institutional culture while creating a supportive and successful online learning ecosystem for students is critical.