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Great Minds Podcast

Dr. Jerry Zandstra

Our co-founder, Dr. Jerry Zandstra, holds two masters degrees, two doctorates and has led two international organizations. In his travels, Dr. Zandstra has met some fascinating people and heard some really great stories. He has been able to interact with some of the leading thinkers on business, culture and life, and it is our privilege to share their thoughts and stories with you. The idea of the Inno-Versity Great Mind Series podcast is that we get to share these stories with people around the world, and we hope these stories will inspire you to excel in your career and in your life.

Kristen Hadeed is an author and CEO of Student Maid. Her new book, Permission To Screw Up, follows Kristen’s journey to build a company in which people are happy, loyal, productive, and empowered—even as they scrub toilets. Though she started as an almost comically inept leader, Kristen is now a sought-after CEO who teaches others how to lead by rejecting perfection and embracing mistakes. And a decade later, Student Maid is thriving.