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Creating an online series of courses to teach practical physical skills is an interesting project. We partnered with the National Roofing Contractors Association on their national certification initiative. “NRCA Procertification, is designed to create a competent, sustainable and high performing roofing industry workforce. Experienced workers who demonstrate substantial roofing skills and knowledge can become certified by NRCA in specific roof system installations, and foremen can achieve certification through online testing." While the initial training was online, all skills had to be evaluated in the field by examiners. In order to make the training as practical as possible, we created a series of graphics, custom illustrations and 3D models. This allowed the learners to virtually survey a roof, choose the appropriate tool and practice the skills they’d need to demonstrate in the field. While this project is nearing its completion, we have established a baseline for Return on Learning from evaluator scores that allows us, along with NRCA, to determine the effectiveness of the virtual exercises.

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Scenario Based

Kulzer came to us with a desire to completely re-vamp their sales training. Their specific situation was a complex learning situation. Not only did they sell a large variety of product, but they also sell to three different audiences. We created a real-world scenario-based learning opportunity that immediately immersed them into the content. Scenarios were designed as formative assessments so the learner could cycle through a variety of situations and products. Regardless of the answer given, substantial feedback was provided, and the learner was directed to additional resources with the opportunity to practice again. Because of this redesign, the company reported an increase in sales as well as a decreased time to get their sales team on-boarded. We were also excited to hear that their sales team reported a higher personal confidence working with clients in a variety of situations.

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A common complaint we often hear from those in sales with a complex product, is the amount of time it takes to truly learn all the product and feel confident answering difficult technical questions from clients. Working with Infoblox, we partnered to create mobile materials for their salespeople, easily accessible on tablet or mobile device. These materials are not just mobile-friendly. Every aspect of the training was carefully designed from the content to the display to provide the most effective and easily accessible materials.

LM Infographic Interactive


Learning isn’t a one-time event. And sometimes the first try doesn’t work as well as we hoped. This client came to us after rolling out a complex new purchasing process that hadn’t quite taken hold. After looking carefully at the challenges of the initial roll-out, we designed a more personalized and interactive program of content. Some materials were traditional eLearning modules, but most were various types of microlearning. Pictured here is an interactive infographic. This infographic allowed the learner to interact with it in 3 different ways depending on their level of expertise. First, it organized the content in a new and simpler model. Then, each of the graphics on the page were clickable creating a “deeper dive” for those who felt they needed more information. Finally, each page was also available for download as a quick reference job aid. Because of its simple and multi-use format, the purchasing team reported greater usage and therefore direct cost savings in purchasing.

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Estee Lauder Companies, Inc. is an innovative, sophisticated company with a diverse portfolio of prestige brands sold in over 150 countries. Reaching their diverse, internal, global, retail communication audience with a message that was inclusive of all brands was no small task. Because visual is so important, we created a custom animation where visuals were the drivers of the learning animation. The look and feel of the multi-brand, high-touch animation sparked excitement and increased energy for the kick-off of the global initiative. If you’d like to see more examples of animation styles we create, please click here to visit our YouTube channel. We consider every animation we create a unique learning opportunity. We attack it like any other project and make sure we understand the content, audience, style and tone before beginning.

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Live Video

Working with a company that seeks to create important cultural change with research-based materials and assessments creates an interesting challenge. Further, the space they work in is a very traditional corporate and university model. This required some out-of-the box thinking. While the example shown here may look like a traditional eLearning module, it is, in fact just one piece of content a learner might encounter on their journey. Depending on the results of a self-assessment taken at the beginning, each learner was directed to a different path. Another important factor in this project was the expertise of the company leadership. Shown on screen here is an embedded video of one of the key experts. Including custom video of a facilitator adds credibility and a personal touch to the materials.

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eBook PDF

24 Hour fitness is a national fitness chain that needed a consistent and scalable way to train their fitness employees and trainers. In addition to traditional elearning modules, they needed a tool that could be revised quick and easy with a checklist to verify and evaluate. It also needed to ensure consistency in content across the organization. We created the 24 Hour Learner. This interactive ebook contains portions to be printed and used on-site for evaluation purposes. The Return on Learning for this project was demonstrated through ease of use for managers which resulted in faster and more effective on-boarding.

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Podcast - Great Minds Series

When the goal of your project is to create organizational change and many of your objectives are affective, consider a podcast. A great story makes a lasting impression. For many of our clients, cultural change begins with the why and telling a story or a few stories is the best way to start that process. A podcast provides the perfect opportunity for the learner to listen and reflect on their own time. It also allows them time away from a screen and the flexibility to listen any time, any place.